Winterburn, Stephen

Born 1959 in Coventry, Steve Winterburn always knew from a young age that he could draw and paint and loved to produce clay figures whilst at school but like many others of his generation upon leaving found a more secure means of earning a living working on the shop floor in the local Dunlop factory. After he was made redundant he then spent ten years working in his own T-shirt printing business. It was only at the age of thirty five, inspired by a visit to a local falconry fair, that Steve decided to sculpt full-time and an ambition emerged to personally shape each piece of his work from concept to completion. 

Following his move to Yorkshire in 2002 an opportunity arose to convert a vast workshop next to his house into a nine-room studio and foundry and it was here that he started to experiment in order to gain an understanding of the entire process that is traditionally a closely guarded secret handed down between foundry men. His many challenges included mastering mould making skills, chasing the bronze and with the patina all of which are normally undertaken by a succession of different people, each skilled in their particular phase of the evolving sculpture.

Since then Steve has been involved with many foundations, charities and initiatives which have enabled him to travel to many different countries and sculpt the many indigenous people and animals he has encountered. His works have been represented in many prestigious galleries throughout the UK and some of his many commissions include a portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh which resides in Buckingham Palace and a life size bust of Jim Cronin and Charlie the Chimp which is on display at Monkey World. 

His most recent commission by the RFL was for five 7ft figures of rugby legends, Risman, Offiah, Murphy, Boston and Ashton to be put on public display at Wembley stadium and a selection of his sculptures are being enhanced with silver by a variety of methods making them extremely exclusive and these will be on permanent exhibition in Harrods in the Silver Room.       

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Yawning Lion
6"(W) x 11"(H) x 6"(D)


Adult Search