Avis, Mark

Mark is a contemporary artist from Newark, Nottinghamshire, designing unique and inspirational works produced in aluminium, bronze and steel.

Born in 1966, Mark has lived and worked in Newark all his life. After leaving school at sixteen, Mark became an apprentice at a local engineering company. During this time, Mark completed an advanced welding course in Nottingham, where he began to develop techniques that would later enable him to experiment more creatively with steel, and other similar materials.

Ten years ago, Mark made a decisive leap by setting up his own business, working in his father’s back garden in Newark. Through word and mouth, Mark’s reputation began to grow, and soon he had a small established client base. Commissions led to Mark creating garden furniture inspired by the designs of Rennie MacIntosh, and it was not long before Mark began to develop a keen interest in the Art Nouveau movement. Gaudi was a strong influence on Mark’s work at this time, and drawing on nature as an inspiration, Mark made a fire grate in the shape of a pelvis in addition to a sculptured skull, comprised of jigsaw pieces, called ‘Mind Games’.

However, it was the work of surrealist Salvador Dali that captured Mark’s imagination, particularly Dali’s painting of a melting watch. Mark began to conceive an image of a melting clock, created from iron, but sculpted to large proportions. Without the use of drawings or artwork, Mark produced his first iron clock sculpture, illustrating his exceptional ability to create a visually stunning and artistically complex work of art.

Mark’s series of iron clocks have attracted tremendous interest from a diverse and rapidly expanding audience. Each original sculpture is unique, shaped with distinctive markings that, when viewed as a whole, represent what Mark refers to as ‘a human form, fitting the proportions of people’, but each with slightly different characteristics.

With the iron clock range, Mark has distorted the notion of time as a constant continuum by creating an incredible melting effect that is both visually stunning and technically superb. As the series has progressed, Mark’s artistic vision has become increasingly complex, inviting different interpretations as more intricate detail has been added. The additional depth and dimension created from this further disrupts our traditional conception of time, and each sculpture begins to tell its own individual story.

Mark Avis, British contemporary sculptor

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Gaia Sculptural Clock
72"(H) x 17"(W) (183 x 43cm)

Worldwide Edition of 100

Polished Aluminium version

Front profile shown

Gaia is a unique and inspirational iron clock produced in polished aluminium or bronze. Having the most beautiful chime it is  inspired by the painting 'Persistence of Memory' by Salvadore Dali, which famously features melting pocket watches. Mark has in this incredible sculpture distorted the notion of time as a constant continuum by creating an incredible melting effect that is both visually stunning and technically superb.

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