Future Exhibitions

In 2019 we will be having exhibitions with the following artists:

APRIL 8th - 27th
MALCOLM CROFT - 'A Whole New Landscape'

Malcolm has spent just over a year looking at and drawing a whole new landscape having moved north to an old farmhouse in western France, inland from La Rochelle. It is a place, he says of spectacular skies, deer-filled woods and fields of billowing wheat and gently swaying flowers.

Although the landscape may have changed his approach remains the same - drawings made on morning walks, transformed into paintings on wood or canvas back in the studio. Still life's garnered from the garden; figs, chestnuts, fresh hens' eggs, jugs full of daffodils.

Once more, Malcolm has responded to his new environment in his own inimitable way capturing the essence of this picturesque landscape with his intrinsic messages of colour and light.