Ramsay Gibb
March 2016
Silent Waves, paintings of mountain and coast

Taking reference from the words of John Ruskin, 'the silent wave of the blue mountain' , Gibb's title for this collection of 27 oils,  Silent Waves: paintings of mountain and coast highlighted the similarities between mountain ranges and sea waves in that they are all in perpetual motion and in essence fluid. The timing for each painting was deliberate and crucial to the effect as, according to the artist, seconds later landscape is significantly changed and the effect different. Not only were these paintings spectacular to view but Gibb gave remarkable insight into how his work formed the collection and wrote extensive notes explaining each piece which helped to produce a stunning exhibition catalogue.

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June 2016
Land and Coast

Inspired by the rugged coastlines, mountains and isolated outposts along the west coast of Britain - West Wales, the Lake District and Scotland, this exhibition showcased over fifty of Barnes' impasto style of painting which also included work depicting other subjects including his very popular floral studies. His bold, natural and strong application of paint onto board using a palette knife reflected the subject matter well which included the stunning mountain range, Yr Eifl, on the Llyen peninsula, which is twenty miles west of Snowdon where the rock face drops dramatically to the sea below.

Trevor Lingard
November 2016
Reflective Moments

Reflective Moments showcased Trevor's ability to fuse feeling and emotion into both his watercolours and oil paintings creating works which enabled the eye not only to look but to LISTEN. Each painting told a story because the right atmosphere was felt and the right moment caught allowing the viewer transportation into a particular setting or the chance to rekindle distant memories of times gone by. During the pre-view event guests were delighted to see Trevor demonstrating a brief example of his watercolour technique.

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