MasterStrokes - Trevor Lingard
May 2014

MasterStrokes proved yet another successful exhibition for local artist Trevor Lingard with over thirty of his watercolours selling throughout the month of May and guests to the pre-view evening attending from as far away as Sussex and even the South of France. Many of the watercolours this year were being purchased not only by art lovers and collectors but actually by other artists themselves, a good indication of how other artists admire his technique. In 2012 one of Trevor's watercolours was placed in the Top Ten out of thousands of entries in an international competition set by the International Watercolour Society. Since then he has regularly been invited to present seminar workshops teaching watercolour technique all over the world as their honorary guest. Below are just two of the many comments received regarding Trevor's work.

"Definitely shows that the expression less is more is true. I love the way your paintings convey detail without being detailed to let the viewer's mind fill in those little areas so beautifully!" Sylvia L Dugan

"Your watercolour paintings are not like photographs. They appear like a soft transparent dream-like image of what is real. They are not racing or trying to excel reality. They just state what you saw there after letting it pass through the filter of your eyes and heart. So there is a lot of you in your paintings and that is exactly why they are so beautiful and not betraying the medium of watercolour art. They are not a harsh expression of reality in the outside world."
Ercan Gunay

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David Barnes & John Parker
October 2014

 David Barnes and John Parker made a successful debut together at the gallery offering guests a complete contrast in both style and medium. Thirty five works in total sold which was over two-thirds of the work exhibited. David's thick impasto oil paintings depicting Britain's coastal scenes were a complete sell out and his floral still lifes were that popular that David was requested to paint many more of them whilst the exhibition was ongoing. A lovely moment for David on the pre-view evening was when he realised one overcome client had received one of his paintings as a surprise gift from her husband having thought the painting she loved had sold  to someone else. The evening was also a great introduction for local artist John Parker to launch his selection of subtle ethereal watercolours and receive so many positive comments on technique and choice of composition.

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