Pearson, Dave

Born 1937 in Clapton, London. Pearson was renowned for his boundless creative energy and his passionate connection with the art of painting amassing a prodigious body of work throughout his lifetime.
He studied at both the Royal Academy Schools and Saint Martins School of Art in London before embarking on a teaching career firstly at the Harris College, Preston in 1963 and then at Manchester School of Art in 1966 where he stayed until his retirement in 2002.
In 1966, for a period of around nine years, he started to produce work inspired by the paintings of Van Gogh. This body of work included three-dimensional  papier- mache constructions of The PotatoEaters and a reconstruction of Van Gogh's bedroom at Arles.
In 1972, he produced two hundred and eighty three paintings and drawings in his Revelations series based on the Book of Revelation of St John the Divine, the last book of the New Testament followed by his English Calendar Customs Series in 1973.
Two major series of work which were to define his career were the Sailing to Byzantium and Byzantium huge multi-panel paintings produced in the 1990's and which were inspired by the poem by WB Yeats entitled, Sailing to Byzantium.
He went on to produce work on a Bestiary theme in 1999 and a series in which expressive drawings were created with boxed constructions, nails, wood and string etc in 2002.
His Hospital series of work in 2005 included not only paintings but drawings and collages of which some were embroidered as well as photography and were based on subjective experiences as subject and observer. The same year he also started work on The Milky Way, a personal pilgrimage based on the film by Luis Bunuel.
In 2006 Pearson developed cancer whilst still working on his hospital theme and continued to produce work until his death in 2008.