Kotka, Peter

Born in 1951 to English and Estonian parents, Peter Kotka worked as a toolmaker and designer of aluminium dyes before starting to teach himself to paint in 1979. He decided to turn professional in 1983 and since then on has spent many years focusing on perfecting 'still life' painting. His knowledge and interest in fine wines has enabled him to blend his two passions with visits to his cellar quite often providing the inspiration and study for his next still life composition.
He has developed his own unique style of painting, essentially a blend of contemporary and old master which has become finer and more painstakingly detailed over the years and uses a grisaille technique, (which is a style of monochromatic painting in shades of grey) to build up layers within his compositions.
His inspiration comes from various sources such as the Dutch painters and Classical Realism. In his 'Rothko Series' he juxtaposed realism onto an abstract, expressionist background unifying the two elements with shadows, water droplets and ice used to unite the two styles of painting. More recently he has changed the view points to his paintings to give a more bold contemporary look.
His originals form many private collections all over the world and Peter has had many successful shows in the USA and the UK. Peter is listed in the latest edition of 'Artists in Britain since 1945' which is essentially a two volume edition of who's who in British art.

Peter Kotka