Shiels, Charlie

Born in Offerton in 1947, Charlie Shiels had a passion for drawing and painting from a very young age. He left school at fifteen and started a five year apprenticehip in the printing industry whilst attending life classes in the evening. Aged twenty nine, he enrolled in a degree course in fine art and it was here that his tutor, Arthur Berry encouraged him to develop his distinctive figurative approach. Shiels worked as a freelance illustrator until the age of thirty eight when he began teaching at Stockport college. It wasn't until twenty years later, in 1996 that he eventually became a full time artist. For many years he lived and worked in Malaga, Spain where the mediterranean sunlight became a distinctive feature in his artwork along with his roguish cast of characters dressed in spiv suits, panama hats and colourful ties. He also had a particular interest in painting pubs, restaurants and bars which although appeared distorted, showed considerable architectural credibility.
Charlie Shiels passed away in July 2012.

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Dome Cafe, Manchester
30" x 48" (76 x 122cm)

Oil on Canvas

Adult Search