Burgoyne, Kelvin

Someone once said that an artist paints to lighten himself of his thoughts and feelings. These comments adequately describe my life in painting and my unique style. In my very early years it was suspected that I had polio and I was isolated for sometime, left to amuse myself with colouring books and pencils, I soon realised that my efforts drew admiration and at the very least some attention, this experience was the granite block out of which I have carved my existence. Imagination a curse or a blessing?

A TV appearance on "Watercolour Challenge", and all the subsequent publicity, gave me the idea of staging a one man show and I sold over twenty paintings. This, in turn gave me confidence to exhibit with The British Watercolour Society. Which attracted my first publisher and in turn, having been elected a full member, had many successful exhibitions. I have a constant need to demonstrate and investigate the possibilities of extreme colour and mood, although its vital to me, to construct something that is recognisable, it is paramount that the impression for the viewer is one of discovery and joy.

The conception of my work titled "High Summer Storm over….", was conceived in 1995 and forms the basis for almost all my work. I have sold over three hundred paintings, had several publishers and staged one man exhibitions, I hope my imagination has helped make the world a brighter place, celebrating colour and design, going forward not recreating whats gone before. The world is full of sheep and some of us choose to be shepherds. I am always seeking new ways to explore colour, figurative movement, emotion and landscape, creating comment, whether good or bad, refusing to be ignored and dismissed.

James Whistler once said, "An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision."

And when I am often asked how long a painting took to complete, I reply at least 60 years, because that is the time I have taken to produce my latest.

My paintings give me the keys to a strangers house, and I stay as long as they love and want me.

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