Rigby, Adrian

Adrian Rigby has been a professional artist all his life. As a child, Adrian was never without a pencil in his hand, drawing and sketching the world around him. From such an early age, it became clear that art was his passion.  After leaving Art College, he worked for a number of years in the demanding world of advertising illustration. This work was an excellent way to learn to paint just about everything, as this was in the days before technology dominated this area of the media. To be versatile with many different subjects was good training for his career ahead. Though well paid, there were sometimes gaps between jobs which he filled by painting fine art – in other words, the work that really inspired him. Eventually, the fine art took over from the commercial work and Adrian became an artist in his own right.

Initially, Adrian’s reputation was established in the area of wildlife art, for which he won a number of prestigious awards. However, his many interests could not stop him from painting new subjects. Over time, he has become well respected in the areas of aviation, landscape and marine art. Changing subjects keeps him alert to new painting techniques – he constantly tries to refine his work.

Adrian’s attention to detail and meticulous research has been recognised by art collectors in the United States as well as the UK. For Adrian, the admiration that he has received from experts in the areas in which he works, whether it is a Battle of Britain veteran pilot, a wildlife ranger or a professional yachtsman are the best compliments that he can receive.


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