Russell-Flint, Sir William

Born in Scotland in 1880, Sir William Russell Flint was arguably the most successful watercolour painter of the twentieth century. After leaving school he served an apprenticeship as a lithographer and found work as a medical illustrator. He eventually became a freelance illustrator and artist after attending classes at art school on a part-time basis which led to many commissions for drawings and illustrations for books before and during the First World War.

He Visited France regularly and loved to paint both landscapes and figures 'en plein air'. He Used many models as his subjects, the most famous and his favourite was Cecilia Green who he remained close to until his death in 1969.

He received many accolades and was knighted in 1947. A member and constant exhibitor at the Royal Academy by 1970 over one hundred of his paintings had been published as signed limited editions. His family continues to publish his works today.


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