Lingard, Trevor

Trevor Lingard was born 1952 in Accrington and for twenty five years worked as a building surveyor before becoming a professional artist in his early fifties. He now resides in Sabden which lies in the Forest of Pendle. He is a completely self-taught  artist who prefers to paint with watercolour due to its spontaneity  which enables him to catch the moment, especially when he is painting 'en plein air'. As a seasoned  traveller, especially to European cities, Trevor likes to make reference sketch paintings whilst visiting his locations and then work from them when he is back home in his studio.

The popularity and universal appeal of his paintings are in part due to their ability to fuse a memory, place or incident into a language that fills the viewer with warmth and nostalgia.

Trevor has achieved acclaim internationally and regularly is invited all over the world to demonstrate his technique and provide tutoring within his watercolour courses. In 2014, he is making a return visit delivering two week long courses in Tuscany and has accepted an invitation by the International Watercolour Society to provide workshops later in the year for them in Brazil.


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View towards Santa Maria della Salute
27" x 12" (68.5 x 30.5cm)

Oil on Board