Eccles, Ross

Ross was born in Blackburn, England on 13th of November 1937. He was born into a naturally artistic household, where both his parents were skilled amateur painters - his father a member of Blackburn Artists Society, while his mother was also an able painter who enjoyed dabbling in pottery, tailoring and other crafts. His inclinations towards art and painting were further nurtured during his school days at Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, where his art teacher enthusiastically taught the students about the early modern architectural movement and of pre-war modern art by artists such as Picasso and Salvador Dali. Exposure to images such as these made a considerable impression on him as a boy and fuelled an early passion for art and architecture.

Between 1958 and 1961 Ross attended the Birmingham School of Architecture and from that time on he was persistently scribbling and sketching, even hand-drawing plans and schemes for clients. Ross practiced as an architect in England and Canada, before settling in Ireland in 1971 where he set up his own practice. Throughout this time Ross was focused on his career as an architect but the intense yearning to paint only grew stronger as the years went on and eventually in 1992 (on his 55th birthday) Ross decided to retire from architecture and devote himself entirely to art. Since that day Ross has been an inexhaustible painter, producing more than 4000 original and highly imaginative works over the last 16 years, almost all of which have been bought by an impressive array of loyal and devoted collectors of his work.

Ross believes that every doodle and every painting conveys part of his life story, and on this basis he never throws away or disregards any of his work. He is content to have the rough and the smooth viewed alongside each other, as fragments of his life's narrative. Ross has never been formally educated as an artist. He believes that prescribed schooling moulds people into similar patterns and suppresses natural individuality. He also believes that talent is a common commodity and that its the ability to make the most of that talent and pursue it that makes someone special. He paints anywhere and everywhere and finds great inspiration in new surroundings, believing that changing environs open the mind to new influences. This hunger for new experiences has always been an inherent part of the Rosss nature and his adventures have always had an inspirational effect on the development of his art. To this day, Ross continues to travel to new places, seeking out fresh visions and revelations. In recent years his travels have taken him all around Europe and the U.S. He particularly enjoys visiting France and is well respected in art circles there, exhibiting at the Salon Europen d'Art Contemporain in Saint-Brisson-sur-Loire for 5 years in a row.

His style is quirky and individual, reflecting his eccentric personality and unusual character, capturing the imagination of many a keen collector. He is a progressive, continually evolving painter who is not limited to a particular style or media, which can easily be seen when examining his growing body of works. As an artist Ross wants to share his vision and thoughts, and has a yearning to articulate his visceral emotions through a scope of works ranging from minimalist figures to complex worlds of colour and line. His paintings are to be found in both private and corporate collections throughout the world.

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