White, Ken

Born 1943 in Swindon, Ken White took an apprenticeship working  for the railway but did not care for the work which led to painful scolds and sores on his skin and so was offered a transfer to learn the trade of sign writing on the carriages and wagons.  Furthering his desire to  become a professional artist he chose to leave his job and study art at college and eventually moved to London to find employment as an illustrator and designer. It was here he met Sir Richard Branson who employed Ken for the next twenty six years to work for him painting his Virgin stores, offices and aeroplanes with huge murals in many countries around the world.
During the eighties Ken became renowned for his mural work on many of London's hotels and public venues and the series of murals he painted in Swindon received national acclaim. Many of these murals have recently been re-worked for a second time including 'The Golden Lion Bridge' painted on the gable end of a row of houses, as a means of remembering the history of the town.
More recently, the memories of  dirt, grime and hardship of his old steam engine days are depicted in his figurative oils. His paintings are sentimental not nostalgic essentially depicting the working class labourer in their daily lives from a bygone era.


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Whaley Bridge
27" x 19" (69 x 48cm)

Oil on Canvas


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