Key, Geoffrey

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Geoffrey Key was born and educated in Manchester, in the North West of England. The decades of his professional career as an artist thus far encompass a phenomenal body of work and a serious following amongst collectors. His earliest and self evident abilities led to a sound academic training from the beginning. Amongst his tutors were leading figures of the artistic lineage of British painting and sculpture, and he built with energy and vision upon this legacy. His first post-academic aim, achieved through concentrated work on a single landscape subject, was to divest himself of all but the creative toolkit of his training.

Thus equipped, and with firmly held principles of being true to himself, avoiding influence and fashion, and maintaining personal and artistic integrity, he developed his professional career. Along the way these principles, coupled with the joy, vibrancy and love of life so evident in his work have led to him developing an ever growing and enthusiastic following amongst those who enjoy and appreciate fine art.

Biographical notes

These notes give a brief illustration of how Geoffrey Key’s career has evolved in the wake of his dedicated output; itself a continuum of work that has been informed by his experience and surroundings.

1950s -60s

Manchester High School of Art, Regional College of Art, Manchester. Awards included national Diploma of Design, Diploma of Associateship of Manchester, Guthrie Bond Travelling Scholarship, Heywood Medal for Fine Art, Postgraduateship in Sculpture.

Major exhibitions: City of Salford Art Gallery (continuing with periodic solo shows through to 1990); University of Sheffield. Major commissions and collections: Mather & Platt, City of Manchester Art Gallery, Rutherston Loan Collection, Salford City Art Gallery, Bolton Art Gallery, North West Arts, New Salford Players Theatre, Wilsons Brewery, National Westminster Bank


After a few years working as an art teacher by day and a painter and sculptor by night and at all other free moments, Geoffrey Key relinquishes the security of a salary and embarks upon a solo career. He begins to show work more widely with exhibitions in the UK and in Europe, where he is asked to represent the UK at art events in France.

UK exhibitions: Salford Art Gallery; White Rose, Bradford; Turnpike, Leigh, Lancashire; Pitcairn, Cheshire (annual solo shows continued until 1990); .

European exhibitions: Vision 35, Nancy, France; Salon d’Automne, Clermont Ferrand, France; Gallery Tendenz, Germany.

1980s –90s

While work continues to be represented and collected in the UK, Geoffrey Key is invited to participate in further European exhibitions, and for the first time, in Hong Kong, where a series of successful solo shows take place. Visiting the Far East for the first time brings a heightened and more intense experience of colour and light in nature, which influences Geoffrey Key’s palette from then on.

Solo shows UK: Carlisle Art Gallery; Harris Museum & Gallery, Preston; Harrods Gallery & ICAF, London, Gamcare; Arley Hall, Cheshire; Portico, Manchester; Millyard, Uppermill, Lancashire.

International: Galerie Unip,Lausanne, Switzerland; New York Coliseum; Powerscourt, Dublin; 25th Salon, St Ouen, Barbizon & Moret-sur-Loing, France, (a landscape commission from Societe Roquefort followed); Damme, Belgium; Joshua Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur; Carol Lear, Sydney, Australia; Mandarin Gallery, Hong Kong.

2000 & onwards

During the most recent decades, major international solo shows include Sandra Walters Consultancy, The Rotunda, Hong Kong; Oriel Gallery, Dublin. UK solo shows have taken place in Lancashire, Cheshire and Tyneside.

In 2013 a landmark event in Key's career took place, when his work was brought to a new international stage by an acclaimed, seminal exhibition in London.


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